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Services Provided: WordPress Redesign, Development, and Ongoing Maintenance; Search Engine Optimization; Paid Advertising

A refreshed website presence with increased engagement from targeted prospects set Copperleaf up for its 2021 IPO.

The Challenge

Copperleaf is a decision analytics software company with an enterprise Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) system that’s used by some of the largest and most innovative utilities in the world. Organizations like BC Hydro, Duke Energy, Powerlink and the Tennessee Valley Authority use Copperleaf’s C55 platform to prioritize investments in their critical infrastructure, optimize performance, and manage risk. 

Despite early growth and an impressive client list, by 2016, Copperleaf found that their website was holding them back. Their site was inflexible and outdated, without a clear path to conversion for new prospects. They needed an online presence that would:

  • Align with current web design standards and best practices
  • Encourage visitors to explore additional content pages
  • Improve overall user experience, engagement, and resulting lead generation
  • Easily grow and evolve alongside their expanding product portfolio

Once a new site was built, they wanted to invest in SEO and SEM in order to drive more qualified traffic to this new virtual headquarters.

Our Approach

Umami’s first priority was to bring Copperleaf’s website up to current day standards and position it as a strong lead generation machine for the upcoming increase in traffic. We focused on infusing Copperleaf’s brand throughout the site, simultaneously emphasizing the company’s position as a leading professional organization and showcasing its agility as a young, high tech firm. 

We built the site with lead flow at its heart, structuring site content to strategically guide visitors deeper into Copperleaf’s product pages and value propositions and encouraging eventual conversions with simple UX. We also took the opportunity to implement end-to-end attribution models, so that we could easily track where qualified prospects were entering the site and how they were behaving once they got there. 

With a stronger digital foundation in place, we began working collaboratively with Copperleaf to prioritize and execute against inbound tactics. Given the nature of our scalable team, we were able to ebb and flow alongside their needs, tapping experts to support with SEO, content marketing, and brand building as needed. 

Our transparent approach alleviated Copperleaf’s team of hands-on project management. Instead, we reported on projected timelines and budgetary risks proactively to ensure there were no surprises along the way. Our ongoing reporting structure empowered us to optimize efforts and make decisions backed by data—much like the C55 platform was designed to do for Copperleaf’s own clientele when it came to asset management.

Over the past 5 years, Umami has supported Copperleaf with:

Optimized Lead Generation: From an improved online foundation to strategic inbound activities, Umami set Copperleaf up to attract and convert more customers, reporting transparently on successes along the way.

Agile Marketing Support: Umami has worked closely with the Copperleaf team to prioritize efforts, monitor spend, and adjust focus areas as internal priorities shift and new products scale.

Improved Brand Alignment: From website rebuilds and updates, to scaled content production and campaign management, Umami has been able to improve the consistency and quality of Copperleaf’s brand in the market.



Umami transformed Copperleaf’s outdated web presence into a modern day lead generation engine. By scaling resources based on internal priorities, Copperleaf has been able to tackle major marketing projects with agility over the years. 

Umami has played an integral role in Copperleaf’s improved brand recognition, increased lead generation, and overall business growth, setting them up for a successful IPO in 2021 at a $125M valuation. 

At a glance:

  • 420% increase in monthly website visitors
  • 390% increase in monthly organic traffic 
  • Implementation of end-to-end attribution and inbound reporting
  • IPO at a valuation of $125M

“Our experience with Umami was fantastic. The team was creative, flexible, collaborative, and professional. They made sure to involve all of our key stakeholders throughout the project, and delivered a website that is a true reflection of our brand – on time, and on budget.”

Laura Ryan, Copperleaf
Laura Ryan Director of Marketing Communications, Copperleaf

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