Case Study - SmartPoint Research

Services Provided: SEO, SEM, Analytics, WordPress Maintenance

Increase in qualified leads, decrease in non-qualified leads, and improved rankings and revenues.

The Challenge

SmartPoint Research is an industry friendly, boutique market research company, servicing Canadian, US and International market research agencies and independent moderators in focus group recruitment and online sample.

As professional members of the industry, they stay abreast of industry trends to bring clients the most valid and relevant cutting edge market research services.

Before SmartPoint Research began working with Umami Marketing in 2011, they knew they had to continue working on their search engine optimization and overall online marketing efforts to attract more business and help the company grow.

While SmartPoint had done various marketing activities in the past, they wanted to increase and integrate their efforts.  It was very important for their team to work with a full service agency, who understood the business needs and goals, in a partnership rather than just as an outside consultant. They wanted confidence in knowing that someone was looking out for her business, in an area where she lacked expertise, while still being able to understand and learn about digital marketing along the way.

SmartPoint faced a number of challenges, including constraints on time and in-house resources to commit to improving their online presence on the paid advertising, social media, and search engine optimization side of things, and wanted to work with a more boutique firm with a personal touch, to ensure that items were implemented with the business’ best interests in mind


“Victoria and her team offer a personal touch, in an approachable manner so even those with no experience in online marketing can understand her recommendations and strategies. She is very easy to work with, and offers great customer service.

She made my life easier, not more complicated. That’s definitely what I look for in a vendor.”

Daniela Hassman
Daniela Hassman Founder, SmartPoint Research

Our Approach

As a result of the solution that Umami Marketing designed and implemented, SmartPoint Research achieved even more than their original goals, including significant spikes in site traffic and unique visitors, web conversions and sales, and year over year revenue growth. Improved brand awareness has led to increases in qualified leads, and more online visibility against their competitors.As a result, the business was purchased in 2015, and Umami Marketing continues to work with the new owner in leading their digital marketing strategy.

Early Successes

From the beginning, Umami Marketing provided SmartPoint with website recommendations to immediately help with conversion optimization, usability, and best practices for sound search engine optimization. We provided monthly analytics reporting, so they can always stay on top of tracking their results, as well as help with content creation and strategy, site usability, technical SEO, and all aspects of their digital marketing. We also helped to design and implement a social media marketing strategy that SmartPoint’s own team has now taken in-house to manage going forward.

Maximizing ROI through Paid Advertising

We completed an initial audit of SmartPoint’s paid advertising to improve their campaigns, and continue to manage their ongoing Google Adwords account. We also set up Facebook Advertising for marketing study panel signups. Umami Marketing initially maintained the Facebook Advertising account, and then put together a strategy and training plan to hand off to SmartPoint, so they could manage these campaigns themselves for each new research study.

Full Service Strategy & Implementation

As noted above, it was very important to Daniela to work with a boutique firm, similar to her business, who would truly take on her project as a partner, and with a personal touch. Daniela was confident that Umami Marketing understood the needs of a small and growing business well.

Communication was very important throughout the whole process: Umami implemented various phases of the new digital market strategy, always working closely with Daniela and her team, training them to take on any work in-house where possible. We also worked together on all aspects of the marketing strategy and implementation, and when new business goals or directions came up, we worked together to integrate them into the existing plan.

Key Success Metrics

SmartPoint Research has had their unique visitor count steadily increase each year, and they now get over 600 qualified web leads per month, including panel signups and marketing research inquiries.

  • Goal conversions – 35x Increase
  • Users (Unique Visitors) – 16x Increase
  • Sessions (Site Traffic) – 21x Increase
  • Page views – 16x Increase
  • Bounce Rate – Decreased by half
  • #1 rankings in Google and other search engines for numerous keywords
  • Accurate marketing analytics to support key decision-making


While working with Umami Marketing, SmartPoint Research has seen the following results:
Increased Traffic

Increased Qualified Leads

Not only did the amount of qualified leads increase, but the number of unqualified leads decreased.

#1 Rankings

#1 spot & first page rankings in the search engines for desired keywords internationally in a highly competitive space.

Year Over Year Revenue Growth

Increased revenue and profits each and every fiscal year for the company.

Selling of the Business

The business was purchased in 2015 with all of the growth and success it had seen since inception.

“Victoria her team really understand the needs of a growing business, and offers a lot of great tips and ideas as to how we can constantly improve our digital marketing.

She really takes the time to explain why things work the way they do so that my team and I can also learn and understand digital marketing.”

Daniela Hassman
Daniela Hassman Founder, SmartPoint Research

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