Case Study - SPLICE Software

Services Provided: WordPress Redesign & Development

Simplified design and usability, better metrics to measure growth trends, and a more visual sales tool.

The Challenge

SPLICE Software, a private Canadian company, offers a cloud-based Dialog Suite™ that specializes in using big data and artificial intelligence to create messages that drive customer engagement, and the desired call to action. Since 2006, SPLICE has delivered 100’s of millions of calls to end-customers in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and is currently branching out to the United Kingdom.

Before SPLICE Software started working with Umami Marketing, they had a website that was no longer meeting their needs and were seeking a complete redesign, preferably on WordPress. They found their old site to be overly complicated, without clear and consistent messaging for their prospects.

SPLICE wanted a redesigned website that would speak to their prospects – insurers and retailers – about the ability to use data and AI to create better relationships with customers, while also unlocking the ability to effectively optimize their site for search engines.

They wanted a website that was:

  • Contemporary, positive, engaging, responsive / mobile-friendly, and aligned with their brand;
  • A simple streamlined experience, with clear positioning that speaks in the client’s language;
  • Integrated into SPLICE’s communications and marketing strategies and branding;
  • Setup to enable implementation of an SEO strategy;
  • A showcase for their digital assets;
  • Compatible and integrated with SPLICE’s technology stack for lead generation and sales.

Our Approach

Umami partners with marketing and business leaders in the tech and software sector, to attract quality leads that convert into new business, through customized digital and inbound marketing programs that work.

Fast, Effective Delivery

Umami understood that SPLICE Software required the proposed new website to be fully completed and running as quickly as possible, within a very short timeline. Umami was able to deliver a professional end-to-end website that met the needs of SPLICE within only 7 weeks.
team of specialists

Experienced, Reliable Team

Umami assembled a team of experienced specialists to help deliver the SPLICE solution. The team was selected based on their direct industry experience, capabilities, and proven track record to deliver high quality work.

Agile Project & Risk Management

Umami understood that SPLICE required a custom website within a very short timeframe. Umami proactively implemented strategies to identify and prevent risks and quickly address them in a cost-effective way in order to deliver.

Collaborative Remote Partnership

Working together with SPLICE remotely, the team effectively brainstormed, problem solved, and came up with creative solutions along the way while ensuring a successful and quality result. SPLICE knew they could count on Umami throughout the process.


While working with Umami Marketing, SPLICE Software has seen the following results:

Better Metrics

SPLICE is now able to track conversions and trends over time, with a baseline of measurement to report and measure against so they have the ability to strive for continuous improvement.

Simplified Design & Usability

The website is engaging and provides prospects with a simple streamlined experience and clear positioning that speaks their language, integrated with SPLICE’s communications and branding.

Trending Growth

Since launch in beginning of Q1 2017, the year over year quarterly session growth has increased over last year; and site visitors and conversions are trending upwards steadily.

Streamlined Sales Tool

The SPLICE sales team loves the new website for prospecting presentations and leading people there for more information. It has helped streamline the sales process - showcasing audio to prospects more quickly and easily.

“We found Umami Marketing via online searching, and were so glad that we did. From the proposal stage, to kick-off, and completion they managed our website re-brand with our goals top-of-mind. Umami Marketing demonstrated a level of accountability and quality that we were not able to find in other website designers and developers. Umami’s attention to detail, accountability, and quality assurance resulted in a new website on time and within budget with impressive features that went above and beyond our initial vision. I would gladly recommend Umami Marketing to businesses who are looking for an improved website that converts better, looks better, and has a better user experience.“

Marcia Bastos, Marketing Manager
Marcia Bastos Marketing Manager, SPLICE Software

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